Day 1 Schedule

Summit Opening & Welcome


08.15 - 08.45

08.45 - 09.00

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Summit opening & welcome

The secret lives of teachers -

how developing technology is liberating educators and unleashing their voice!



09.00 - 09.45

In our opening keynote we welcome Laura McInerney, a celebrated education specialist and advocate for Schools Week magazine and the Guardian newspaper. Ms McInerney was formerly the editor of Schools Week for three years, she is now Co-Founder of the EdTech start-up TeacherTapp, a daily survey of teachers’ lives. Laura will discuss how emerging technology can aid school leaders in their understanding of the motivations, opinions and requirements of their teaching staff.

Laura McInerney

Accreditation standards and their impact on technology strategy for international schools



09.45 - 10.30

We welcome senior representatives from the Council of International Schools (CIS) to discuss how standards and criteria within the International Accreditation protocol have been enhanced to support educational institutions striving to meet the global expectations of data privacy & protection, cyber security, technology and child protection-safeguarding.

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10.30 - 10.50

Hot Topic

Digital Fluency & Skills Integration



10.50 - 11.50

John Mikton & Friends

In this session, participants will work to understand how Digital Fluency frameworks can support both educators and students when engaging with digital skills and mindsets to support learning within the school curriculum. We will explore the four shift protocol from Scott McLeod, 8 Digital Intelligences from the DQ Institute framework and visible thinking routines to support digital citizenship and digital literacy. Prominent examples from current practice will be highlighted to allow participants to have a greater comprehension of how when contextualised these frameworks and protocols can support digital fluency and skills integration. This session will be facilitated by ISL's digital personnel; Becky Burnett, Carolina Sandoval Durazo, Stéphane Vermeulin, Tanya Irene and John Mikton, who is currently serving as Head of Education and Media Technology.

Effective Operations & Technical Management Frameworks



10.50 - 11.50

A deep-dive with resources for technical and operational IT staff to understand their obligations in the operational/technical management of their systems for compliance with data protection law. Learn about the the Five Ws of operational and technical measures for data protection compliance - a tried and tested 9ine approach to effectively assess and review operational and technical measures.

Dan Brooks

Cybercrime in Schools



10.50 - 11.50

Join Ian Hickling, Cyber Protect Officer of the UK Cyber Crime Special Operations Unit, as he takes you through the most common cybercrimes affecting schools globally. He’ll be discussing the main threats, where they come from and which are trending. Using recent examples, Ian will explain best practice techniques used, your school's digital footprint, tactics to reduce your risk, and the resources that are freely available for you to use.

Ian Hickling

A framework for effective operational and capital budget forecast



11.50 - 12.50

In this workshop, Ben O'Brien from 9ine will take you through a step-by-step approach to effectively create, forecast and gain the funding for the IT budget that your school certainly needs to provide an effectice service for your school.

Ben O'Brien

Essential skills for the future



11.50 - 12.50

Tony Ryan, CEO of the Design & Technology Association, provides an introduction into the relationship between the curriculum areas of design technology, computer science, engineering, multi media and technology aggregate, in developing the skills that advanced manufacturers require. Participants in this workshop will discover how the various curriculum areas inter-relate and how employers need these skills for roles you perhaps hadn't even heard of.

Tony Ryan

How to: Upskill your leadership in Cyber Security threats for your school



11.50 - 12.50

In this hands-on, games based workshop, you'll play 'GO PHISH' - our interactive cyber risk card game. You'll learn to play so you can take the game back to your school, play with your colleagues, and inform them of the risks of cyber security and their obligations towards it.

Dan Cleworth

Hot Topic

Data breaches: How ready are you to support your data subjects?



12.50 - 13.30

In learning lessons from the corporate sector, Mark Whitehead, a Senior Director from Deloitte will walk you through the key tasks to help you understand your own breach readiness, and what you can do to address any gaps or weaknesses you identify. You should do all you reasonably can to limit the risk of a cyber incident happening in the first place. But whether caused by human error, security process failures or skilled hackers, prevention is no longer enough on its own. Breaches happen. And the impact on your brand and reputation, not to mention your balance sheet, can be significant. It’s therefore imperative that organisations think about and improve their ability to respond to a breach – something we call ‘breach readiness’. And it covers more than just the ability to respond technically. You need to be prepared to cover a significant number of tasks across the following areas: technical, forensic, operational, legal, regulatory, insurance and communications.

Lunch & Exhibition



13.30 - 14.15

Lunch and Exhibition

Hot Topic

Part 1: Balancing child protection and data protection duties



14.15 - 15.15

The relationship between the welfare of children and data protection duties can sometimes create friction and anxiety. In this two-part series, hosted by Katie Rigg, Head of Safeguarding & Student Well-Being, these issues will be discussed and practical examples such as the transfer of child protection files between schools and information sharing about individuals within and beyond the school will be shared. Furthermore managing allegations of impropriety in a way that safeguards children whilst protecting the privacy rights of individuals will be discussed.

Katie Rigg

EdTech Strategy in 60 Mins



14.15 - 15.15

In this workshop, participants through some hands-on activities will explore methods to consider generating an education technology strategy to support a school's overall strategic plan and explore how to incorporate this to support teaching and learning. We will explore Mankato's Hierarchy of Educational Technology Needs by Doug Johnson, Catalytic Questioning by Hal Gregersen and your own strategic plan. It is important for participants to bring or be able to access their current strategic plan and any supporting materials related to this topic to use with the hands-on activities.

John Mikton

AI in Education



14.15 - 15.15

In this workshop, participants will explore machine learning and examples of data that are required for machines to learn, debate the ethical Issues associated with the design and application of machine learning and develop an understanding of how international schools can engage with AI.

Mark Dilworth

Essential skills for the future

Essential skills for the future



15.15 - 16.15

Tony Ryan, CEO of the Design & Technology Association, will provide an initial introduction into the relationship between the curriculum areas of design technology, computer science, engineering, multi media and technology aggregate in developing the skills that advanced manufacturers require. Participants will learn how the various curriculum areas inter-relate and how employers need these skills to perform functions you perhaps didn't know even existed.

Tony Ryan

Hot Topic

Part 2: Balancing child protection and data protection duties



15.15 - 16.15

This workshop compliments its predecessor part 1 by going further and includes information sharing within and beyond the school, how to use technology to support early intervention and developing a strong relationship between the divisions of IT and Safeguarding.

Katie Rigg

Data Privacy & Advancement in Schools: A Framework for Improvement



15.15 - 16.15

The Data Privacy and Advancement Framework was first published in July 2019. This practical tool has been designed to support schools with recognising the comprehensive impact of data privacy on the workings of a school, from admissions, branding, school mission and policies, to events, marketing and the school's legacy. Come along to this workshop to learn how to adopt the framework to improve data privacy across core areas of your school.

David Willows

How technology is transforming workloads, engagement and financial efficiency in growing schools

Danny Yeow - PS Financials



15.15 - 16.15

Join Danny Yeow from PS Financials for a fascinating workshop. Edtech in the U.K. and internationally is changing the way schools interact with their staff, their parents and their financial stakeholders. This session with PS Financials will focus on the key elements that have led to sustainable and measurable change, to facilitate growth.

ISL Students Present:​ TEDx Youth Talk



16.30 - 17.00

TEDx Youth Talk, with a number of short, carefully prepared talks, demonstrations and performances that are idea-focused, covering a wide range of subjects to foster learning, inspiration and wonder – and provoke conversations that matter. The speeches are multidisciplinary and broad, and feature a variety of students with diverse experiences.

Complimentary Beverages & Canapes



17.00 - 19.00

Complimentary Beverages & Canapés & Networking

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